Integrated Digital Health Solutions


  • Remote monitoring of patients in the community


  • Patient identification and intervention tracking

DOC@HOME® Telehealth Solution

Remote monitoring of patients in the community

  • Powerful, feature rich, case management solution
    • Meets all remote monitoring requirements across the LTC triangle
  • Multiple patient interaction options (CAREPORTAL®, Tablets, Mobiles, Web)
    • Suits the technical ability of patients
  • Trusted and proven solution for Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS)

ARTEMUS-ICS™ – stratification intelligence for care delivery

  • Intelligent patient identification
    • Indentifies the health status of total population
    • Enables care teams to identify patient cohorts for appropriate interventions
  • Intervention tracking
    • Enables users to track progress of prescribed interventions
    • Provides forecast verses actual spend
  • Personal integrated care record
    • Shows all health and social activity for each patient

Docobo - digital health solutions towards a better quality of life

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of all we serve through the efficient implementation of digital health solutions. Supporting professional staff to deliver world-class care, and enabling patients to be more aware of their condition and empowered to self manage themselves at home.

Docobo's technology enables clinicians and carers to improve patients' quality of life and reduce costs.

We provide medical-grade digital health solutions that fully support integrated care, business intelligence and remote home management of patients with long-term conditions. We've been doing this for many years and our products support 1000's of patients, their carers and clinicians. We fully understand the regulatory and information governance environment and you can rest assured that we meet all standards and requirements to ensure patient safety and confidentiality. With Docobo you will be in safe hands.

Adrian Flowerday, Managing Director and Co-founder welcome to Docobo:

Welcome to Docobo! We started Docobo back in 2001 with a passion to make a difference to people's lives, after being funded by the EU to develop DOC@HOME® for improving the management of patients with hypertension. The clinical trial proved that current best practice of 3 monthly testing of blood pressure is woefully inadequate and leads to significant misdiagnosis and inappropriate prescription of medication. More importantly, in those early days, it showed the power of blending technology and patient self-management together to make step changes in the care of patients with chronic diseases, and this capability is what has driven us since we started.

I'm fortunate to work with some of the best people in their field, and Docobo is a great mix of Clinicians, Engineers, Marketing, Sales, IT and Operations staff, who all share the same passion to use their skills to make a a difference to people's lives.

We take pride in our experience and the way we approach relationships with all we deal with. You won't get a load of marketing hype, but you will enjoy a friendly, honest, informed and ethical relationship with us. You will also benefit from our significant re-investment in R&D. We invest over 35% of our income in new solution development, ensuring you continue to enjoy having access to the most innovative and flexible integrated care solutions available.

Contact us to arrange a brainstorm session, where we will come and share all the exciting stuff we are doing across the country and the world.

Twitter @DocoboUK

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