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Technology can be complicated and almost all organisations use IT in some way. The business of delivering and receiving care has its own complexities. One example is the drive for 'integrated care', where the delivery of health and social care services aim to make quality and productivity gains. Technology has its part to play in enabling the success of integrated care. Docobo is working with its partners to do just that by combining formerly discreet activities associated with telecare and telehealth to offer joined-up solutions.

We have a naturally collaborative attitude, especially where we find those who share our approach, objectives and values.

Here are some of the companies we are working with:




Docobo and Tynetec share much in common and have a complementary product suite which can be integrated to offer joined-up assisted living for health and social care. This enables monitoring of people in their own homes with a holistic view of the information received from their assisted living and health technology.



Our work with JonTek enables the sharing of appropriate information between social care and NHS teams. For example, DOC@HOME® sends specific alert conditions to the community telecare alarm centre, and for any alarm conditions and associated interventions (e.g. Maggie went into hospital after a fall last night) to be communicated back to DOC@HOME® and displayed to the patient's nursing team.

Systems Integration:



With a background in healthcare systems migration and integration, Stalis has developed the capability to interface to multiple systems and deliver an integrated care record.  A vital capability in the real-world delivery of integrated care, this clever solution enables users in multi-disciplinary teams, for example, to see data from multiple systems.  That capability is wrapped in a range of security and authentication techniques to meet IG (information governance) requirements.



The interface between DOC@HOME® and the Hampshire Clinical Repository portal supplied by Graphnet enabled all authorised clinical staff to view Docobo's telehealth data along with summary records etc., (e.g. accident & emergency staff, when a patients present themselves at A&E).

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