ARTEMUS-ICS™ – stratification intelligence for care delivery

  • Intelligent patient identification
    • Identifies the health status of total population
    • Enables care teams to identify patient cohorts for appropriate interventions
  • Intervention tracking
    • Enables users to track progress of prescribed interventions
    • Provides forecast verses actual spend
  • Personal integrated care record
    • Shows all health and social activity for each patient

Intelligence & Risk

Unless an organisation knows its predicted demands and costs for the foreseeable future, it cannot plan or deliver a service that meets the needs of its customers. In the health economy, understanding demand is crucial when planning community and hospital capacities, workforce planning, and system re-design.

At the heart of the ARTEMUS-ICS™Intelligent Commissioning Support system, is the proven and validated ‘Combined Predictive Model’ developed by the Kings Fund. Input of Secondary Uses Service (SUS) data, primary care activity, medications, treatments, and diagnosis generates a predictive risk score that indicates the likelihood that a patient will end up in hospital in the next 12 months. Around that risk score output a series of function specific dashboards, driven by intelligent analytical processes offer both commissioners and providers the rich set of information required to plan and deliver efficient and intelligent interventions. Additional intelligence is provided with the input of community, ambulance, pharmacy and social care data, providing a true personal integrated care record.

ARTEMUS-ICS™ provides a population health status radar, where all information relating to patient movements, health status, risk of admission and urgent care among others can be viewed from one location. General Practitioners can track a patient's journey through the healthcare system, and intervene to make the journey more cost-effective for the payer and a better experience for the patient. Commissioners and providers are able to function as ‘traffic controllers’ viewing and acting upon the results, tracking impacts of new interventions and flag-up emergencies and urgent requirements. ARTEMUS-ICS™ is supported by a strong and growing evidence base that demonstrates its leading predictive capacity.

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Intelligence & Risk

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