Opportunistic Assessments

Remote management of patients

  • Predictive analysis medication
  • Pre and post hospital assessments
  • Early discharge
  • Hospital at home

Acute Trusts and Telehealth

Telehealth represents an opportunity for Acute Trusts to improve patient care, support patients on discharge and extend the reach of their services into the community.

Nationally, 24% of COPD patients re-admit with 28 days of discharge and there is a strong case for using remote monitoring, to reduce re-admission in COPD. Evidence from our client studies shows that remote monitoring in COPD could reduce this by 33-50%.

Acute trusts benefit from telehealth:

  • Reduced length-of-stay by physically discharging patients to their home, but remain under hospital care supported by telehealth monitoring until ready for clinical discharge - so reducing bed occupancy / blocking.
  • Help achieve '30 day' re-admission targets by 'supported discharge'.
  • Reduced number of visits to accident and emergency.
  • Reduced number of inappropriate emergency admissions.
  • Achieve CQUIN targets for innovation.

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