Opportunistic Assessments

Remote management of patients

  • Predictive analysis medication
  • Pre and post hospital assessments
  • Early discharge
  • Hospital at home

GP Practices and Telehealth

Telehealth offers GPs a positive way forward. The technology can help relieve pressures, especially time pressure, improve patient experience and health outcomes, reduce costs, and position practices to play their full role in the health community.

We all know the reasons for the shift in emphasis to primary care. It's difficult to imagine a successful outcome that would not include the wise and effective use of technology to improve service to patients and simultaneously improve the performance of the health system. Primary care, practices in particular, need answers to keep afloat on this rising tide of increasing demand and financial austerity.

We have learned a lot since we started in 2001. We understand the practical issues of how to adopt technology and make the transition to make it part of 'business-as-usual'.

The technology is an 'enabler', an important tool for you to use, to deliver more-for-less.

You can read on this website about what we do and how we do it. The economic imperative in the UK suggests attention to the high-cost patients with long-term conditions first and where the impact of technology will be greatest. That leads to a focus on COPD, hypertension and CVD (in its various forms), we can also help you with complex patients.

Please take the time to call to either talk to us or arrange a meeting, we're always happy to share our experience and listen to what you want to achieve.

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