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Residential Care and Telehealth

Care of individuals in residential and care homes is often more demanding when compared with patients in their own homes or in the community. Traditionally, care homes have monitored the health of their residents through their own trained staff/nurses, or through the services of a local community nurse or GP visiting on a frequent basis. With telehealth systems now widely available and accepted, the technology is being used by care home staff, daily if necessary, with the results made available remotely to the nurse or doctor.

Where there is demand for several patients to be monitored in this way, Docobo provides care homes with a multi-user CAREPORTAL® Although telehealth products and services are highly sophisticated and provide the clinician with accurate readings, they are also very easy to use. Care home staff simply perform the required Q&A (the data entry process emulates a consultation) with each patient, inputting their unique details and providing the relevant data to the clinician through a secure connection.

From a management and resourcing perspective, it frees up the time for nurses and doctors to focus their attention on treating patients rather than travelling to homes to carry out the tasks now undertaken by the equipment. From a quality perspective it also can also add value to the residential care home offering, and provide a service offering to prospective customers and their families.

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