DOCOBO-WEB™ is designed for those patients who are IT literate and may be those who are less symptomatic, for example lower down the LTC (long-term condition) triangle. Patients lower down the LTC triangle are likely to be using DOCOBO-WEB™ for self-awareness and preventative action. These patients do not cost as much to care for and DOCOBO-WEB™ offers a lower cost alternative for these less intensive users.

DOCOBO-WEB™ has an automated scheduling engine which sends emails or SMS text messages to patients at predefined periods. These emails/messages contain a web address (URL link) which will take the patient to their own web page within DOC@HOME®, and where they will be presented with the list of questions they need to answer at that time.

Each patient has access to their own section in DOC@HOME®. DOCOBO-WEB™ will also allow them to view their own data, and the option to enter answers to selected questions ‘anytime', i.e. whenever they feel the need, not just at the scheduled times. A self-management section enables patients with their health professional to set goals and actions. The patient is then reminded and challenged by scheduled messages when their goals should have been met. This section can also include their medication, list of contact details, useful web sites, and any allergies.

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