DOC@HOME® Telehealth Solution

Remote monitoring of patients in the community

  • Powerful, feature rich, case management solution
    • Meets all remote monitoring requirements across the LTC triangle
  • Multiple patient interaction options (CAREPORTAL®, Tablets, Mobiles, Web)
    • Suits the technical ability of patients
  • Trusted and proven solution for Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS)


  • Telehealth application for all Android mobile technologies
    • Self-help monitoring for patients with long-term conditions
    • Healthcare interaction with clinicians
  • Interfaces to DOC@HOME® remote telehealth service platform
    • Interaction with clinical professionals
    • Personal feedback and self assessment
  • Common user interfaces reduces training and simplifies operation


  • Designed for patients familiar with information technology
    • Auto scheduling of emails and SMS requests for information
    • Personal health web page
  • Preventative assessment
    • Assessment of patients with early stage intervention
    • Self-management of personal health and wellbeing
  • Health information, personal health record

CAREPORTAL® Home Healthcare Solution

Remote monitoring of patients in the community

  • Clinical monitoring and self management solution
    • Records ECG LEAD I, vital signs, symptomatic and observational data
  • Multiple functions - bidirectional video, text and audio messaging
    • Touch screen, wi-fi, bluetooth and voice technologies
  • Qualified medical class IIa medical device

Choice of Products

Docobo's software and devices can be chosen according to each patient's clinical need and technical ability.  This ensures the right choice of equipment and at the right cost. All the devices connect to the central system DOC@HOME® (DOC@HOME® software is an accredited medical device).

For example, DOCOBO-APP™ can be downloaded onto any Android tablet or smartphone (including the patient's own device), and used for patient interaction with the system.

DOCOBO-WEB™ costs from as little as 80 pence per day (only when used). There is no charge for the days when the patient does not use or enter information into the system. This makes DOCOBO-WEB™ one of the most cost-effective forms of telehealth available on the market today!

This is also an option for patients who prefer to use their own computer or alternate device that runs a web browser, like a tablet or smartphone, all of which connect to DOC@HOME®.

DOC@HOME® comprises the secure server system and web based clinicians portal, plus the range of patient interaction devices which are used to connect with the system. They include CAREPORTAL®, DOCOBO-APP™ and DOCOBO-WEB™.

Telehealth access choice according to clinical need, nurse/patient preference and cost:

Range of devices

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