DOC@HOME® Telehealth Solution

Remote monitoring of patients in the community

  • Powerful, feature rich, case management solution
    • Meets all remote monitoring requirements across the LTC triangle
  • Multiple patient interaction options (CAREPORTAL®, Tablets, Mobiles, Web)
    • Suits the technical ability of patients
  • Trusted and proven solution for Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS)


  • Telehealth application for all Android mobile technologies
    • Self-help monitoring for patients with long-term conditions
    • Healthcare interaction with clinicians
  • Interfaces to DOC@HOME® remote telehealth service platform
    • Interaction with clinical professionals
    • Personal feedback and self assessment
  • Common user interfaces reduces training and simplifies operation


  • Designed for patients familiar with information technology
    • Auto scheduling of emails and SMS requests for information
    • Personal health web page
  • Preventative assessment
    • Assessment of patients with early stage intervention
    • Self-management of personal health and wellbeing
  • Health information, personal health record

CAREPORTAL® Home Healthcare Solution

Remote monitoring of patients in the community

  • Clinical monitoring and self management solution
    • Records ECG LEAD I, vital signs, symptomatic and observational data
  • Multiple functions - bidirectional video, text and audio messaging
    • Touch screen, wi-fi, bluetooth and voice technologies
  • Qualified medical class IIa medical device

What can telehealth do for you?

Most people who read this will recognise the global need for improving productivity in our health economies. The ‘conventional norms' of healthcare delivery are being challenged by rising demand, ageing populations (ironically, partly caused by advances in healthcare and medication), poor lifestyle and economic necessity. Increasing the scale of healthcare systems, as currently configured, is unaffordable. Innovation is needed to ‘shift the goal posts' and do things in a different way.

Technological innovation offers one component of ‘changing the game'. Throughout the late 80's and 90's, industry enjoyed one of the most prolonged periods of productivity improvement, brought about by information and communications technology.  In the western world, we can shop on-line, track our parcels, we get our cash from a ‘hole in the wall', banking is automated, production is ‘lean', we can print flight boarding passes at home, many of us have apps on our smartphones for myriad purposes and so on.  We have experienced ‘shifting the goal posts' in many aspects of our lives.

Healthcare will change too, out of financial necessity if nothing else. We can expect the roles of those who deliver it to be modified, gradually. We may demand efficiency in our care, but care is deeply personal and we like personal contact. At Docobo we see technology as an additive to the norms of human contact in healthcare delivery. Technology can play a pivotal role in removing tedious tasks, enable patients to improve their ability to look after themselves, and free-up precious time for clinicians to spend with their patients in higher quality exchanges.

Not many products and services can rightly claim to reduce cost whilst increasing quality, but this is what our clients, their patients and patients' carers say about their experiences of Docobo telehealth.

For clinicians:

Hospital admissions are expensive.  Many can be avoided by using telehealth including reduced A&E attendance.  Length-of-stay in hospital can also be reduced, including ‘supported discharge'.  Community nursing visits can be more targeted, based on information received from patients, and case load can be increased. Clinicians feel confident in the knowledge that they are visiting the patients who need to see them today, with the assurance that Docobo telehealth will support the care of those who don't. Hence, valuable clinical time and resources are accurately directed.  Let's also note, that patients prefer to stay out of hospital and remain in their own homes too!

Here are examples of what clinicians say about Docobo telehealth:

Self-monitoring allowed for better management of heart failure including control of blood pressure and fluid overload. In-patient costs were significantly lowered for those in the telehealth group compared to those with ‘usual' care. There was an average saving of £5600 per patient over the year. Extract from Case Study, NHS Knowsley and Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

The remote monitoring provides the team with a richness of data and a greater understanding of the patient's condition allowing earlier intervention of exacerbation and illness. The Community COPD team have reported that (over 10 months) 190 admissions to the acute sector have been avoided. Extract from Case Study, NHS Solent Healthcare

For patients and their carers:

Patients feel re-assured that they are being monitored and are more in control of their condition. Both patients and their carers are less anxious and more confident to get on with living their lives, in the assurance that Docobo telehealth will alert their clinician when there is a need.

Here are examples of what patients and carers say about Docobo telehealth:

I used to joke about taking a bed to the GP surgery as I was there so often. I now have access to more information a reassurance to stay at home. Southampton Telehealth User (COPD), 2010

I am much more comfortable at home, generally less anxious. Have peace of mind. Southampton Carer (2010)

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