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Our journey to Net Zero

The System C & Graphnet Care Alliance is fully committed to reaching Net Zero emissions and reducing its impact on climate change. In 2022, we formalised this by pledging to achieve Net Zero in line with the science based targets set out by The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). As part of this, we have launched a comprehensive Carbon Reduction Plan with the aim of achieving Net Zero by 2045 and a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030.

Over the next 12 months, we will be working on plans to significantly accelerate our timeline for reaching Net Zero.

We have always taken our environmental responsibilities very seriously – in fact, it has been an integral part of the Care Alliance’s culture for 40 years. The Care Alliance brings together two of the UK’s most innovative health and social care technology businesses, Graphnet Health (which includes the Graphnet and Docobo brands) and System C (which includes the System C, Liquidlogic and CareFlow Medicines Management brands) to help healthcare providers, integrated care systems, and local authorities deliver better, safer, faster care to the millions of people they’re responsible for. This mission goes hand in hand with helping the NHS and other organisations remove their reliance on paper and other inefficient systems, reducing their burden on the environment. We are also heavily involved in population health, via Graphnet, where the link between human welfare, their communities, and the environment they live in (including exposure to pollution) is becoming an ever-increasing priority and area of focus.

We have already implemented several carbon reduction initiatives, including:

  • Introduction of various recycling points across 13 of our 16 sites.
  • Installation of LED lighting in 7 of our sites.
  • Introduction of an Electric Vehicle (‘EV’) scheme in FY21/22 for staff members to purchase EVs via salary sacrifice.
  • Participation in the Government’s Cycle to Work scheme since FY14/15. We will measure employee commuting in 2022/23 and understand the full benefit of this scheme.
  • Two of our offices are on 100% renewable energy tariffs (Maidstone and Sheffield).
  • Embraced alternative and hybrid working models following the global COVID 19 pandemic.

We’re well aware that there is plenty of room for further improvement, as we continue on our pathway to Net Zero across the Care Alliance. Several other initiatives are in the pipeline, such as the development of a sustainable travel policy with a focus on reducing carbon emissions, collecting full and accurate data on the actual waste produced per office, and measuring further Scope 3 emissions, including employee commuting and any transport and distribution (upstream and downstream). We are also working towards installing LED lighting in any office that does not currently have it and switching all remaining offices to 100% renewable tariffs by 2026.

We will be sharing our progress both internally and externally on a regular basis, both via this page and our other communications tools, including social media, media relations and customer newsletters. We look forward to keeping you updated as we work towards our carbon reduction goals.

Download the complete System C & Graphnet Carbon Reduction Plan (metric - kg)
Download the complete System C & Graphnet Carbon Reduction Plan (metric - tonne)