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Remote monitoring at Beech House demonstrates benefits for residents with dementia


Beech House Care Home has successfully rolled out Docobo’s remote monitoring, demonstrating benefits for residents living with dementia, teams and clinicians alike

Successful roll out of remote monitoring at Beech House Care Home demonstrating benefits for residents living with dementia, teams and clinicians

Background to remote monitoring project

Beech House Care Home is a 31-bed home for people living with dementia in Binfield, Berkshire. The team at Beech House has recently rolled out Docobo’s remote patient monitoring system, DOC@HOME, to enable speedy and consistent resident monitoring which is demonstrating a reduction in waiting time for clinical access and enhanced outcomes for residents.

Beech House is part of the remote monitoring programme run by Frimley Health and Care Integrated Care System (ICS) who have worked with Docobo, Graphnet, Berkshire Primary Care and East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours (OOH) to implement Docobo’s remote monitoring solution. DOC@HOME enables staff at care homes to take residents’ readings – such as blood pressure and blood oxygen – and record symptoms and feedback via DOC@HOME to a clinical hub. This helps teams to monitor residents while reducing avoidable GP visits. The team at Beech House started using the system in April 2022.

How does remote monitoring work in Beech House?

Kailash Khanal is Registered Manager at Beech House and explains how the team use the remote monitoring solution: ‘We monitor our residents who are not poorly by using the ‘resident of the day’ system. This means that every day we review a patient, take their vital signs and we are able to keep a record of these that can be reviewed. We also use the system if we have any health concerns about a resident. If we do have concerns, we will work through the ‘Question sets’ to check all vital signs and this will be updated on the system and will go through to the central clinical hub (Berkshire Primary Care for in hours and East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours for out of hours). We will then receive a call back from the team there to help progress the situation and sort out medications etc. The system is really quick and is saving us a lot of time. The team no longer have to phone the GP if they are worried about a resident. In the past this would involve phoning the surgery, maybe not getting through and leaving a message, missing a call and sitting around waiting, while the resident may be deteriorating. We now simply log the issues, the Docobo system gets updated electronically and we receive a call from the clinical hub with next steps!’

Remote monitoring – saving clinicians time and empowering staff

Kailash says: ‘The Docobo remote monitoring system is working really well for us. We are not having to contact our GP as much – but we are not bypassing them, simply using them when we really need to. Some of the team don’t have clinical backgrounds and so using the remote monitoring system to collect vital signs has really empowered them to use their skills and to build their confidence. It’s really reducing the time that used to be consumed by making phone calls to the surgery. We are really happy! We enter the vital signs into the iPad, and it’s all uploaded! It really supports our person-centred care planning and it’s so easy to use.’

The clinical hubs are run by Berkshire Primary Care for in hours and East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours for out of hours.

Once the Docobo system was installed, and the care home team had received training, the team was ready to go. This is how it works:
• If a resident is unwell, care home staff member records vital signs and symptoms into tablet
• Information is transferred to the clinical hub
• Care home can track information on clinician website.
• Clinical hub responds to any requests or alerts within two hours and the alert is triaged.
• Baseline readings are recorded monthly with a ‘Resident of the Day’ system.

Families of our residents are also really pleased that we are using new system as they can see the benefits for their family members. Docobo speeds up the process so we don’t have to wait until the next day if we are concerned about a patient. We are really happy with the solution!"

Kailash KhanalRegistered Manager, Beech House
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