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Patient feedback from NHS Frimley for remote monitoring


Patient with multiple long-term conditions gives feedback about NHS Frimley remote monitoring

We talk to a patient who has multiple long-term conditions and is using the NHS Frimley remote monitoring service in partnership with Docobo

Can you tell us about how you started using the remote monitoring service?

My GP surgery got in touch with me via text and asked if I’d like to join the remote monitoring programme. I downloaded the app and started answering questions. It was all very easy.

How easy is it to use the Docobo app?

It’s very easy to use! At first, I was dubious about doing it, but after a while, I really got into it and really appreciate the service.

How do you use the Docobo app?

Every Tuesday I do my blood pressure, enter my weight and oxygen readings and go through the questions about how I’m feeling on my app.  If there are any problems, I will receive a call from one of the lovely nurses from the Digital Health Team and they will tell me what to do. And equally, If I have any queries, I can just ring up the team. It’s great and so easy!

How has it improved your daily life?

It really has definitely improved my daily life and I really appreciate the service. Firstly, it saves you from having to go to the GP surgery so often. It’s lovely to know that someone is there, keeping an eye on my breathing, and if there are any problems arising from my readings, I will get a phone call.

I really love the app and hugely appreciate it!

It really has definitely improved my daily life and I really appreciate the service.'

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