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ARTEMUS™ analyses multiple sources of data – hospital, GP, community, social care, mental health etc. to produce user-determined insight.

The system serves any level, e.g. from ICS, through ICP, CCG, PCN, practice and to individual patient level. It is compliant with the regulatory environment and IG.

Absorbing cross-sector data enables ARTEMUS to harvest and link health, social care and cost intelligence. The system serves management, commissioners, clinicians and the needs of social care.

Using ARTEMUS, you can choose the aspects of care you wish to understand and gain the insight you need. You can identify your most complex patients, what intensity of social care package is being provided, compare PCNs or practices, identify demand and make data-driven, informed decisions for efficient and effective care delivery. ARTEMUS uses a blend of validated risk models, algorithms, machine learning and data analytics to provide visualised reports and intuitive dashboards.

The End of Life and Mental Health modules within ARTEMUS provides the intelligence for not only collaborative care but also effective and efficient care across the provider structures."

Bharti MistryCrawley CCG

ARTEMUS provides the insight to take action, enabling managers and clinicians to make fact-based decisions. Having made the changes, ARTEMUS then supports continuous improvement by continually monitoring the health, care and economic outcomes; informing those responsible to make adjustments and make any further improvements as they decide.

With its customisable tables and dashboards, the system’s flexibility provides users with bespoke and relevant information to support better and more efficient care.

Functionality includes a vast range of segmentation, identifying patient cohorts in frailty and end of life care, to enabling users to understand gaps in care, for example in diabetes care and mental health care inequalities.

ARTEMUS can provide a summary record of a patient across health and social care at the point of care, including conditions, measurements, care plans, social care provision, events and prescriptions (this was first requested by a GP during a development workshop, enabling GPs to see a cross-sector snapshot on one screen while requesting ‘next patient’).

Chosen by the NHS NIA programme as an Innovation Accelerator Solution, ARTEMUS is also available on the NHSE Health System Solutions and the NHSX Spark DPS Frameworks.

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