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CAREPORTAL® enables the recording of daily, clinical, lifestyle and quality of life data

CAREPORTAL® is a Class IIa Medical Device (MDD – European Medical Device Directive) and was specifically designed to meet the needs of users who are not tech-savvy and to easily acquire ECG and breathing rate.

It is an Android based device designed to address the wider requirements of the ageing population. We worked with groups of elderly people organised by Age UK to design and develop it using a ‘use-case’ and ‘user-centred’ design processes.

CAREPORTAL® is extremely easy to use. Ageing often includes little digital familiarity, social isolation (frequently caused by bereavement) and fragmented families. Our sunset years are often accompanied by long-term conditions, dementia and a gradually deteriorating ability to perform the activities of daily living. These are the design factors behind CAREPORTAL® which recognise the correlation and real-world reality of long-term conditions, age and socio-economics.


  • CAREPORTAL® is like a tablet or smartphone, plus:
  • It is kept in an intelligent docking station with added connectivity, charging requires no user intervention (no need to worry about plugging it in)
  • ‘Always on’ feature (even in sleep mode) enables carers to send an audible medication reminder if required or necessary.
  • Records Lead I ECG, heart rate, and measures heart rate variability without the need for wires/leads – the patient simply holds the unit in their hands and CAREPORTAL® does the rest.
  • Monitors respiration rate.
  • Other physiological signal and measurement options are available.
  • Multi-user capabilities enable care and nursing homes the ability to manage all their clients with just one or two devices and CAREPORTAL®’s ECG recording offers the option to monitor for AF (and other dysrhythmias) and assists with falls prevention.

As a medical device, CAREPORTAL® is supported for up to 5 years from the date it is purchased and is available for either rental or capital purchase.




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