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ARTEMUS™ – Docobo’s  population health intelligence solution – delivers management and clinical insight from ICSs, through ICP, PCN, practice and individual patient levels.  The population health management software serves both management and clinical requirements.  Identifying individual and collective need, the digital health intelligence is harvested from primary and secondary care, community, mental health and social care data.

The comprehensive insight delivered by ARTEMUS enables commissioners to assess their situation in detail and make fact-based decisions. It produces integrated care needs, identifies and tracks cohorts for efficient intervention, tracks and evaluates the outcomes to serve continuous improvement.

ARTEMUS enables clinicians and social care to select cohorts and track their health outcomes.

Using our population health intelligence solution enables you to answer important questions, such as:

  • How do you identify and select the right patients to be monitored?
  • Do you know what your selection criteria should be?
  • Could your priorities include cost or a specific condition(s)?
  • Do you need to deal with complex patients to relieve the load on over-stretched clinicians?
  • Do you have an equality of care issue and how will you know that you got it right?
  • Can you provide a holistic summary of someone’s cross sector utilisation?
  • What intensity of social care package are people receiving?
  • Is this person isolated or lonely?
  • Does this person have a mental health condition amongst some co-morbidities?
  • Can you evaluate alternate interventions and create a business case?
  • If you modify your pathways and interventions can you evaluate the impact?
  • If you had the insight would you like to engage in continuous improvement?
  • Can you identify all those with an elevated risk of CVD? Social isolation, etc?
  • Can you compare practices and PCNs?

Would you like this clinical and economic insight at your fingertips and be able to evaluate new pathways, ways of working and processes, produced for you each month or whenever you need? Then this is the tool. Population health intelligence enables you to identify the right people for the right reasons, act on that insight (which might include health patient management) and evaluate and adjust ‘as you go’.

With ARTEMUS you can drive the transformation of integrated, out of hospital care.

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The steps to transformation



  • Identify prevalence and costs across the population
  • Identify gaps in care
  • Identify and correlate end of life, social isolation, frailty and long term condition risk and more
  • Business case development with actual population figures
  • Understand the integrated care needs of cohorts and individuals


  • Identify cohorts and localities for clinical optimisation
  • Optimised case loads
  • Proactive care coordination
  • Responsive changes in care delivery and interventions
  • Re-design services based on real time needs


  • Assess predicted versus actual outcomes
  • Track intervention outcomes
  • Track return on investment of interventions
  • Understand shift in activity across sectors

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