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Our technology enables the NHS to transform out of hospital care

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Improving quality of life with out-of-hospital care models

Patient monitoring enables clinicians to identify deterioration early and intervene proactively. Monitoring helps avoid unnecessary visits to patients at home and in care homes. The consequent reductions in Accident and Emergency (A&E) visits and hospitalisation also reduces more patient health deterioration and avoids post-discharge care and administration. The whole process improves quality of life for both patients and clinicians whilst reducing clinical workload.

For acute trusts, our solutions can reduce the number of visits to A&E and the number of inappropriate emergency admissions, while achieving CQUIN targets for innovation.

Out of hospital care models  in the community changes from a fixed schedule of patient visits to intelligence led interventions and home visits. Early intervention prevents more expensive remedial treatment. Thus, more clinical resource is available for patients with a higher need. We have been working hard with the NHS to support requirements for COVID-19, working on Oximetry at Home and COVID Virtual Wards, which have acted as a catalyst, encouraging the long-term adoption of the technology to support patient discharge. These out of hospital care models in turn releases hospital beds and patients get to go home as soon as possible.

Why choose Docobo's out-of-hospital care models

Docobo’s clinical workload solutions help improve efficiency and productivity, reduce clinical workload and optimise quality of life.

Our solutions

Monitoring patients at home

Helping patients stay at home

Population health intelligence

Reducing inequalities and optimising care

Virtual wards

Providing patient care at home with all-encompassing virtual ward technology and real, human support

Opportunistic screening

Optimising the health of the nation by proactively identifying individuals at risk


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