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Virtual wards provide effective hospital at home monitoring

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Virtual Wards: Hospital at Home

Virtual wards

Virtual wards (also known as hospital at home) can reduce pressure on hospital beds. DOC@HOME is a virtual ward solution which is being used across the NHS, enabling patients to be cared for at home, enhancing integrated health and social care and promoting multi-disciplinary team working. Docobo has an established track record of providing virtual wards for the NHS

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What are virtual wards?

Virtual wards act like a hospital at home, patients can be physically discharged to their home environment, but their care and clinical responsibility remains with the hospital until clinical discharge

How can Docobo support you with virtual wards?

Docobo provides ongoing support from a dedicated service manager who will work collaboratively with you on the implementation and the whole virtual ward process. Clinicians assess patient risk to establish if it is safe to monitor the patient at home. Docobo will then manage the logistics for your virtual ward, sending out the right equipment to the right place at the right time.

With our years of expertise, Docobo can do the following:

  • Enrol numerous patients quickly and easily onto the system
  • Closely monitor patients within your virtual ward
  • Generate alerts to support clinicians to manage any health concerns
  • Seamless transition to primary care long term condition monitoring
  • Seamless ‘step up’ capability should this be required
  • Patients can be discharged from virtual wards within minutesWith all Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) being tasked to create virtual wards in the coming years, Docobo’s services are providing the technology and logistics to run and sustain virtual wards. You can read more about the work Docobo has done on virtual wards here

Docobo provides a flexible solution for virtual wards

With many years of experience of remote monitoring, Docobo works with NHS clients to support their virtual ward requirements, successfully implementing virtual wards for:

Our solutions

Monitoring patients at home

Helping patients stay at home

Population health intelligence

Reducing inequalities and optimising care

Virtual wards

Providing patient care at home with all-encompassing virtual ward technology and real, human support

Opportunistic screening

Optimising the health of the nation by proactively identifying individuals at risk


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