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Business Continuity Management

Version 1.2

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Information technology plays a major role in Docobo’s business services. The directors are determined to safeguard our ability to deliver services to our customers in every circumstance, when the sun is shining and when dark clouds are overhead.

Docobo have already made a significant investment in BC by moving all customer services systems to a tier 3 data centre in Byfleet Surrey. We have also recently invested in another tier 3 facility in Gatwick that will also run customer services, and there will be synchronization working both ways between the data centres to provide a robust and resilient service to all our customers.

Docobo hold current certifications to Cyber Essentials Plus; ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 and will continue to invest in best practices and procedures to ensure a robust and reliable service offering.

The purpose of the BC management system is to give Docobo confidence in any sub standard conditions to continue to provide services to our customers with the minimum downtime in any situation, and continue with business critical functions to enable this. It will maintain the minimum acceptable standards of security and quality so that we always provide a first class service to our customers.

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