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Environmental policy

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Docobo provide a range of services within the healthcare industry.

Docobo comply via Self Determination method with ISO14001:2015 as we do not have any significant environmental aspects (SEAs). Our operational controls are documented in our ISO13485 externally certified quality management system and ensures the design, planning and implementation of our work, is conducted in a sustainable manner that protects and safeguards the environment.

Docobo regulatory obligations are met through registration with the waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) scheme run by the government; our registration number is 4283506.

Docobo works closely with our key suppliers, performing on-site reviews to ensure compliance with agreed processes and standards. Docobo also work with clients and other interested parties in achieving the best environmentally friendly design and manufacturing techniques.

Docobo’s employees attend mandatory training annually and are subject to spot checks throughout the year. Temporary staff will also receive training in our environmental objectives and working
processes and procedures.

The senior management team undertake a review of the environmental policy and objectives at least annually. We are committed to continual improvement in environmental performance and enhanced objectives will be agreed and promoted from the top down.

Docobo aim to reduce the environmental impact of their operations by meeting the following objectives:

  • Reducing our carbon output by using group policy to put monitors and PCs in standby when idle for 20 minutes and turning off PCs & monitors every night and weekends when not needed.
  • Where possible, hosting servers in our energy efficient data centre.
  • Encourage staff to use electronic communication rather than paper where possible.
  • Configuring the default settings on printers to use black & white printing.
  • Recycle 100% of all possible paper plastic & cardboard.