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Patient monitoring enables overstretched clinicians to provide better care and to more patients. Patients enjoy the reassurance of being monitored and called from time-to-time. For commissioners and clinicians, these digital tools represent increased capacity without the conventional increase in the number of clinicians.

With the drive to care for patients in primary care and minimise time in acute care, patient monitoring has been shown to reduce unplanned admissions, A&E visits, improve health outcomes and patient experience. Our DOC@HOME® solution is used across the country enabling the NHS to deliver improved care and at lower cost.

We work with CCGs, PCNs, and GPs to deliver patient monitoring, which enables better ways of working and more effective pathways and a catalyst for proactive care. Care in the community changes from a fixed schedule for patient visits to intelligence led interventions and home visits. Early intervention prevents more expensive remedial treatment. Thus, more clinical resource is available for patients with higher need.

The process of patient monitoring includes care for patients where a telephone call or video consultation is sufficient.

DOC@HOME is complemented by our ARTEMUS™ system. To optimise efficiency, the right patients need to be identified, considered and enrolled for patient monitoring. Using ARTEMUS, commissioners and clinicians can determine priorities by, for example, primary diagnosis, regional prevalence priority, cost, complexity, risk and so on. The system can be used to select cohorts and outcomes are evaluated automatically.

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