Supporting providers to deliver remote monitoring

Sectors supported

How we work with community providers

Community providers are often commissioned to deliver the nursing service to monitor the patients.

Care plans (or question packages), protocols and operating procedures are established to determine patient monitoring processes, escalation and communications between the stakeholders involved in patient care according to local circumstance.

Referral and enrolment processes are established with commissioners, community teams and acute trusts.

Delivery of patient coaching and condition-specific educational material can be made available by the provider operation.

Clinical observation screens can be shared between stakeholders e.g. community nurses, GPs, consultants and the integration capabilities of the system can make it very easy for example GPs using EMIS can launch the clinical screen in DOC@HOME® from within their EMIS system.

Messaging technology is also used to record intervention notes to GPs.

Enabling providers to deliver:

  • A supported discharge service to the acutes
  • Management of long-term conditions and co-morbid complex patients
  • Self-management and improved self-efficacy for patients
  • Medication titration
  • Medication adherence
  • Palliative care
  • Screening/assessment
  • And many more services, such as stroke reduction

Other sectors we support

Acute trusts

CCGs / PCNs / GPs

Social / Domiciliary care

Patients / Carers

Community providers

Mental health

Residential care



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