DOC@HOME® provides the means for the collection, analysis and display of patient monitoring data.

DOC@HOME® comprises the server DOC@HOME® and the web based clinicians portal which provides access to the analysis and graphic displays of their patients' readings.

Information is transmitted to DOC@HOME® via a choice of patient interaction devices and methods such as CAREPORTAL®, DOCOBO-APP™ which can be downloaded onto an Android tablet, Docobo TV or smartphone, including the patient's own device, and DOCOBO-WEB™ which offers access via a web browser such as, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Any device capable of running one of these browsers can access DOC@HOME®.

DOC@HOME® enables clinical teams to enrol, set up, and manage their patients from any standard PC, tablet or smartphone, via secure web interfaces.

DOC@HOME® also manages the connection, encryption and transfer of data between the server and the patient interaction devices. Information is presented to the clinician through a number of display screens such as a list of patients, current monitoring status, any alerts that need attention, graphical displays of trends in symptoms and vital signs. From here clinicians can enrol new patients, add and edit question sets, set and edit alert parameters, view and add intervention records and send messages to the patient. Settings and questions can be made in cohorts or set to the specific needs of an individual patient.

The system also offers ‘virtual ward' functionality where unlimited groups of patients can be set up to facilitate patient management by multi-disciplinary teams.

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