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Installing Remote Monitoring

Installing Remote Monitoring – Northamptonshire Community

Aysha Ali, Training and Quality Officer for the virtual clinical team in Northamptonshire, explains the process that takes place after community patients agree to remote monitoring.

“The key benefit of this service most definitely is the contact and the clear communication that you can have with clinicians. You’re always going to have the 999 service and the 111 service but this is another way.”

Rod is a community patient on COPD remote monitoring, and his carer is Tracey. They describe their experience of the remote monitoring service, offering insights to initial concerns and how valuable the service has been to their quality of life.

“I don’t think Rod or I would have been in a position for Rod to come home, without having this service in place.”

“I don’t have to worry, two hours and there’ll be somebody on the phone or here – and that’s a big comfort.”

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