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Virtual care in care homes explained

Virtual care in care homes explained

Remote monitoring, virtual care, or may also be known as telehealth is a safe and efficient way for individuals to receive care virtually. Virtual care complements face-to-face interactions and increases access to primary care services for both residential and nursing homes.

Care homes may use differing virtual care pathways, such as pre and post falls, but will typically adopt three main pathways, which are;

  • The ‘monthly wellness check’ – Each month a carer completes these questions with a resident to monitor their baseline measurements.
  • The ‘deteriorating resident’ or ‘my resident is unwell’ – Completed when a resident is feeling unwell or demonstrating signs of deterioration.
  • The ‘virtual ward round’ – Highlights specific residents and health concerns that need to be reviewed at ward round with the residents’ GP.

Follow Ayesha and Sandra’s story to see the benefits of virtual care being used within care homes.

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